Text File Busy, Samba Locking?

Tyler BIRD BIRDTY at uvsc.edu
Thu Oct 25 08:32:43 GMT 2001

I have searched google for a while and have not resolved this issue.

I am using win98/TextPad 4.0 on a client modifying CGI Scripts in Perl
I open up scripts and make changes then close them via Samba, but when someone requests
the cgi scripts Apache responds with an Error.  When I run the script from bash it replys text file busy.

It turns out the there are 2 hacks:  um-mount and re-mount the my samba share or rename the file and rename it back
again to the original.  I was looking at google and everyone else said the same thing I did, but noyone knew how to permanently
resolve this issue.  Some said it might be related to opportunistic locks.  I wonder if it is my editor which is giving my
trouble TextPad 4.0.  Has anyone had any problems like this.  How can I permanently resolve this.

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