winbind / nss_winbind with Solaris with large amout of uses/groups

Martin Hofbauer mh at
Thu Oct 25 08:24:34 GMT 2001

hi all !

I have compiled Samba 2.2.2 for Solaris 7 ( Solaris 8 also ) but found out
that the "nss_winbind" support
is available in source-code, but not after compilation.
The neccessary entries in the Makefile after "configre" are missing !!

Why ?

I have got it to run and it works fine with a small amout of groups.

But deploying this samba/winbind version to a Windows network with more than
3000 user and
more than 200 groups gives following result:

"getent passwd" works fin, also adding "winbind" to /etc/nsswitch.conf and
looking through the
windows-users owned files is ok !

"getent group" takes about 20 sek, than the first group "Domain Admins" is
printed out, but NO OTHER
groups/information is seen.  ( no other 199 groups are listed)
I have notices that the next group will be "Domain User" with this 3000
Users !

I have noticed also that there are performance considurations/discussions
with/about winbind.
( bringing winbind to Debug Level 4 or above shows a huge amout of
"rpc_parsing" ... )

Do you have any idea to bring this under control (, Tim ) ?

Thank you for every help


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