mapping at /home level

Bill Moran wmoran at
Thu Oct 25 07:44:05 GMT 2001

On Thursday 25 October 2001 09:21, Maurice Lafleur wrote:
> The linux box has a /home main folder where all the users home folders
> are kept. The box is part of a domain and is relying on the PDC for
> authentication. Users can map (using a right-click on My Netwsork Places
> and selecting the appropriate server and share). It works but the mapped
> drive points the entire /home folder. Users can only see their own
> drive, but the mapping still maps at the /home level. How do I get the
> server to map at the /home/username level?

The [homes] share has worked for me.
If you have UNIX users on the samba box that match the NT domain users,
then samba should automagically create a share when the user authenticates,
however, since you're auth from a PDC, that information might not be available,
in which case, something like:

path = /home/$S

in the [homes] section should work (assuming the NT usernames match the
names of the home directories)
Try [homes] without that line first to see if it works.  And read the section in the
man page for smb.conf on this, it's very informative.

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