Solaris compiler environment trampled by GNUs

Joseph Loo jloo at
Thu Oct 25 07:06:03 GMT 2001

Try the following site:

I use the following script on my linux box as a regular user (installs 
in /usr/local)

rm -rf $prog
rm -f $prog.tar
cp ~/language/C/$prog.tar.gz ~/tmp
cd ~/tmp
gunzip $prog.tar.gz
tar -xf $prog.tar
cd $prog

After you are finish, do a maek install as root.

If you do not want to use /usr/local you can change the location using 
./configure prefix==/opt/gnu...
I believe Sun suggest you install it in the /opt directory.

pkg PBE-SIT wrote:

>(short version: I need references for howto setup a compiler environment for 
>samba/gcc for solaris 2.6)
>My poor solaris machine.
>I have a sun 
>- sparc machine with 
>- solaris 2.6 and a 
>- binary version of Samba 2.0.7.
>I have tried to get a good and thouroghly compiled 2.2.2 version going, but with all 
>my gazillion attempts at downloading GNU supportfiles, gcc versions (source and 
>binary), binutils, make-programs and yada yada it fails every time.  
>Now I have surely messed up all libs and includes and whatnots into oblivion.  
>My question is therefore:   Where do I find a GNU-bie-fied walkthrough of setting up 
>a compiler environment (with gcc preferable) for Solaris 2.6?
>More specific: where do I find the libraries (supportfiles) to compile the compiler?
>Per Kjetil Grotnes
>Note: The binary GCC versions would not compile itself in source.
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>Tlf: 22 66 26 61, Fax: 22 66 26 65

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