winbind separator ignored in smb.conf

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Winbindd is probably reading that option and not getting a reasonable
result, so it goes back to the default value, which is "+".

You wouldn't want to use that for a separator anyway. In a shell, that's an
escaped blackslash. The separator is not the one used by the Windows
clients; they still use '\'. The separator is what Unix users will have to
type in order to refer to a Windows domain user. Using a plus sign as a
separator, and being in a domain called "foo", the user named "bar" would
have to log into Unix with the user name "foo+bar", and their files would
show up as being owned by a user by the same name. In Windows, this person
would mount the Samba share by logging in as "foo\bar", or "bar" if they are
in the same domain.

Unless your Windows users are logging in and using Unix directly, they will
never see the separator. If they are, then the plus sign is a lot less
troublesome than escaped slashes. I'd strip out that separator setting you
are trying to use, and work with what you have.

Of course if you still have a burning desire to use a backslash, let's hear
about it.

BTW: If you see domain extended user names in the getent passwd output, then
you ARE running winbindd and it's working correctly. That's the last test in
my winbindd testing recipe, and you passed.

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hmmm.... also check to make sure you really are running the winbindd you
you are and the smb.conf file you think you are.  (Is it a /etc/smb.conf vs.
/usr/local/samba/lib/smb.conf file thing?)
On 24-Oct-2001 Mike Papper wrote:
> This line in my smb.conf seems tobe ignored:
> winbind separator = \\ 
> doing a "getent passwd" always returns domain separated using "+".
> any ideas?
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