off-topic-Re: 2.2.1 cannot do what 2.0.7 does!

Stephen Carville stephen at
Wed Oct 24 13:04:02 GMT 2001

On Wed, 24 Oct 2001, Christian Barth wrote:

- Stephen,
- sorry, I can not help you with your problem, because we have not  jet switched ot 2.2.2. May be test this and not 2.2.1a-....
- > I am testing access using terminal server on W2K.  I access the winbox
- > using rdesktop on Linux tho the problem also happens on windows boxes
- > using the terminal server client too.
- "rdesktop"? What's this? I only know the Cytrix-Client for non
- windows systems. And there is a non free ware java client
- Can you please post same information about rdesktop? URL?

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