Misc. Samba questions - 1

Joseph jolt at nicholasofmyra.org
Wed Oct 24 07:12:09 GMT 2001

Steve Snyder wrote:

>A couple Samba questions.  I've got Samba v2.2.1a running on a RedHat v7.1 
>box.  The server is being accessed by Linux, Win98, Win2K and OS/2 clients.
>1. User xxxxx is logged into 2 machines, a Win2K box and a Linux box.  When 
>user yyyyy on a Win98 machine sends a message from WinPopup to user xxxxx, 
>the message is received on only the Win2K machine.  (The Linux box is 
>running LinPopup, which sends/receives messages just fine.)  Is this 
>behavior expected, or should both machines with xxxxx logged in receive the 
I use to have an NT4 only environment.  The same thing happend in it. 
 The messages are only sent to the first machine to register the UID 
with wins.  I am not sure what would happen if you are not using wins 
but I would suspect the same.

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