Misc. Samba questions

Steve Snyder swsnyder at home.com
Tue Oct 23 16:06:14 GMT 2001

A couple Samba questions.  I've got Samba v2.2.1a running on a RedHat v7.1 
box.  The server is being accessed by Linux, Win98, Win2K and OS/2 clients.

1. User xxxxx is logged into 2 machines, a Win2K box and a Linux box.  When 
user yyyyy on a Win98 machine sends a message from WinPopup to user xxxxx, 
the message is received on only the Win2K machine.  (The Linux box is 
running LinPopup, which sends/receives messages just fine.)  Is this 
behavior expected, or should both machines with xxxxx logged in receive the 

2.  The "level2 oplocks" param is documented as improving the performance 
of Samba with WinNT/Win2K clients.  Does its use have a detrimental effect 
on Win98, Linux or OS/2 client performance?


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