Win2k unable to copy roaming profile?

Lars Kellogg-Stedman lars at
Mon Oct 22 10:46:06 GMT 2001


We've recently moved from a Windows PDC to Samba, and we need to migrate
user profiles from the old controller to the samba server.  Unfortunately,
whenever we try this (by using smbtar to recursively copy the files from the
old controller to the profile directory on the samba server), we get an
error similar to the following:

"Cannot copy file \\sambaserver\share\profile\somefile to C:\\documents and
settings\usernameto C:\\documents and settings\username\somefile.  Access is

After searching google for a while, I've found this question *many* other
times...but I haven't seen any answers.

If we start with an empty profile directory, a new configuration gets
created without a problem.  What's creating the problem when we try to
migrate the old configuration?


-- Lars

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