Another Windows XP question

Jon Hoffman hoffmanj at
Mon Oct 15 12:56:33 GMT 2001

We are thinking about using Windows XP for our desktops (not my idea believe
me), so I set up a test domain and a windows XP professional workstation.
Now my problem is when I tell XP to join the domain it joins it fine and
says welcome to the domain.  And then you need to reboot (typical windows).
When it comes back up I try to log in to the domain and I get an error that
the doamin controller can not be found.
Any ideas?  I have taken it off the domain and put it back on several times.
Also read through the README.Win2kSP2 file (but that is for non PDC's and I
am setting up a PDC).
I am using samba 2.2.2.
Thanks in advance for any help y'all might be able to give

Jon Hoffman

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