Major problem, I can see other's data!

Conlan Adams conlan.adams at
Fri Oct 26 05:27:03 GMT 2001

its probably the umask setting, when a file is created in a unix
environment, it sets the default permissions to the systems umask settings.
Umask, (i think) is reverse from chmod permissions (at least in unix)
therefore a umask of 022 would be full rights for the owner, read rights for
the group members and world.  a umask similar to 077 may be closer to what
you want, user has full rights, the group and world have none.

I think samba has a umask setting in it, but i'm not sure if it follows
chmod style permissions or standerd linux umask style,


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> I log with name "dave" I create one webpage with Netscape
> Composer, I logout
> and login as "mike". I go to open a page with Composer and it
> puts me in the
> "dave" public_html. I can't save there but it's confusing. I am
> using RedHat
> Linux 5.2.
> Thanks.
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