URGENT: Problem with credentials

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Oct 15 07:19:04 GMT 2001


  First off, Using **URGENT** in the subject irks me.
  Seems like everyone's problem is always urgent.... :-)


On Mon, 15 Oct 2001, Agustin Quintana ALfonso wrote:

> We have a Samba server ( Version 1.9.16p11) in a Sun OS 4.1.4 machine.
> We can connect from WinNT and Win2000 to the share "home" with
> different users accounts. In the log file appears:
> However, we have installed samba 2.2.1a in a Solaris 2.6 server and
> when we want connect like different users to the share "home" we
> obtain the following message: " The credentials supplied conflict with
> the existing credentials "

This is an old problem with the WinNT network redirector.
Use the netbios name of the server in one connection
and the server's IP address in the second connection.
If you need more than two connections, refer to the
"netbios aliases" parameter in smb.conf(5).

I'm fairly certain this has been covered at least a couple
of dozen times on the list.

cheers, jerry
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