Pickersgill, Dean L SITI-ISES-56 Dean.D.Pickersgill at
Mon Oct 15 02:36:20 GMT 2001

Hi, I've been trying to download your 'binaries' for AIX Samba and I find
that the 'binary' package is a single 'exe' file which - of course - doesn't
work on AIX.  There's no instructions as to what to do with it so I tried
looking into it with Winzip and I see theres a file with a 'bff' extension.
I'm not familiar with this file format.  I'd love to try Samba but due to
these problems I can't.  Have you any advice or a 'better' website than which actually tells me what do do with the downloaded file?
I also tried to do it with 'source-code' downloads; the one from Iceland
didn't want to untar and when I got one of the others I found that I needed
ANOTHER piece of software called a gcc to compile it!  Surely it would be a
good idea to package this with your files so that installation can actually
take place?

Best wishes

Dean Lloyd Pickersgill
Unix Systems Administrator
Shell Information Technology International B.V.
Postbus 1027, 2260 BA Leidschendam, Nederland

Tel: +31 4178

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