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Follow these steps below

1) chmod +x binary_file.exe
2) ./binary_file.exe
3) rm -f .toc
4) smit install_latest (type this command from the current directory where
the inflated file is stored)
5) Under Input Device, just type .
6) Press F4 to list the available binaries to install
7) Press Spacebar to select the binary and Enter to install

Hope you have a great time using Samba...


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> Hi, I've been trying to download your 'binaries' for AIX Samba and I find
> that the 'binary' package is a single 'exe' file which - of course -
> work on AIX.  There's no instructions as to what to do with it so I tried
> looking into it with Winzip and I see theres a file with a 'bff'
> I'm not familiar with this file format.  I'd love to try Samba but due to
> these problems I can't.  Have you any advice or a 'better' website than
> which actually tells me what do do with the downloaded file?
> I also tried to do it with 'source-code' downloads; the one from Iceland
> didn't want to untar and when I got one of the others I found that I
> ANOTHER piece of software called a gcc to compile it!  Surely it would be
> good idea to package this with your files so that installation can
> take place?
> Best wishes
> Dean
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