Solaris 8 Smbwrapper Build Failure

David Highley dhighley at
Sun Oct 14 19:07:04 GMT 2001

I'm still working on this failure, but I thought I would let people know
that it exists. I currently do not see a -h flag being passed to the
linker, never the less I get the failure messages below. I do have a
question as to whether smbwrapper is still being supported as it has not
seemed to be fully functional on Solaris 8 with any of the Samba 2.x.x

Build failure Samba 2.2.2 on Solaris 8 using 32 bit gcc 3.01 and Solaris

./configure  --with-smbwrapper --with-acl-support --with-vfs

Linking shared library bin/
ld: fatal: option -h and building a dynamic executable are incompatible
ld: fatal: Flags processing errors
*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `bin/'



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