migrating ACLs and ownership

Dan Bethe dan_bethe at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 14 03:56:02 GMT 2001

	Hi all.  I've somewhat restructured my Samba document at this url:


	I hope it's helpful.  It's got some questions which haven't all been answered.
 I'll repost one here.  Thanks for any pointers!

     * Very important: how do we migrate from Windows NT/2000
       related ACLs and user/group ownership to unix-like
       filesystem permissions and user/group ownership?
          + at least username/UID, groupname/GID, rwx
          + Is there a cross-platform archive tool that can read
            most or all of the NT ACLs and write them back on
               o something under Cygwin?
               o a normal (probably commercial) backup
                 application? So far, Arkeia does not do this.
                 What about BackupExec?
               o Can someone write perhaps an NT native app which
                 queries the ACL and ownership for each file on
                 an NT server and writes that data to a file, for
                 later restoral on Linux via Linux's 'setfacl'
          + While NT is still the fileserver, and assuming that
            Administrator has access to read all files, can the
            Samba server join the NT domain, and have the
            Administrator somehow copy all the files over to the
            Samba server so as to retain all or most filesystem
            info? An analogy would be to mount an NFS server who
            shares the same authentication database and do 'cp -a
            source target'.
          + It would be cool both for obsoleting Windows servers
            while preserving all that info, and by allowing
            Windows NT/2000 users to manage their own

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