source rpm?

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Mon Oct 15 00:38:10 GMT 2001

"Oliver Schulze L." wrote:
> Yes, look here:
> or your current mirror server
> Oliver
> rpjday wrote:
> >  i see a binary rpm for samba 2.2.2, but no source rpm.  is there
> >one, since i suspect i might need that one to build for red hat's
> >roswell beta and the impending 7.2.  thanks.

Watch out, there is an issue with the Makefile in 2.2.2 that affects the
way the RPM is built.  Rebuilding the SRPM will (most likaly) oblitorate
/usr/sbin/{winbindd,smbd,nmbd,swat} in the process. (if you rebuild as
root that is)

The updateed spec file is in CVS, I'll see if we can get updated SRPMS
onto the site shortly (there is a workaround we can do in the specfile).

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