Shared Memory

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Wed Oct 10 09:42:03 GMT 2001

Hi Todd,
yes, you basically have to use whatever tools your flavor of unix provides
to determine what resources samba is using/stressing...

As far as opinions, I would look at the featureset of both branches (2.0.x
and 2.2.x) and choose the one that delivers what I need.  In general, in a
production environment, I tend to stay with the older release for awhile if 
I don't need the new functionality or specific bugfixes that the new release
has - better the devil you know than the devil you don't.
But from a development standpoint, I like to see folks move to the new
as soon as possible; the more copies of 2.2.x running out there on different
platforms and loads and applications, the faster we will see potential
and be able to address them; thus the sooner 2.2.x will be stable and

Hope this helps,
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how do you gauge how the system is handling the load? Do you have to revert
back to sar and vmstat etc? How do you personally feel about 2.0.9 vs this
new release? I am seeing some problems with the 2.0.9 release I  have
running and it seems like it is related to shared memory.

Thanks again for your time,

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