Shares disappear in Windows 2000 (Samba 2.2.1a)

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Wed Oct 10 09:13:05 GMT 2001

Hi Dietrich,
after the IPC$ shares are 'lost'  ARE THERE ANY connections that 
show up in smbstatus  with anna as the username?

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The try with smbstatus was not very bad, now I know that Windows 2000
with a IPC$ share as nobody:nogroup and an other IPC$ as user:users with the
PID as the user after a short time all IPC$ connection are lost and from
on (I think) the dynamicly shared shares are lost. Maybe that someone
know what I can do now?
In the samba.log file I found an entry:
[2001/10/10 15:35:17, 3] smbd/service.c:close_cnum(646)
  anna ( closed connection to service IPC$
[2001/10/10 15:35:17, 3] smbd/connection.c:yield_connection(50)
  Yielding connection to IPC$
What does "Yielding connection" meen? Is it the right way to the answer?

Thanks Dietrich

>That IS odd.  Try this - log on as anna (or whoever this is happening to),
>and see the shares you expect; immediately go to the unix command prompt
>and run the smbstatus command; record the processid of the smbd that lists
>anna's username and machine.
>Then wait (or press F5, whatever) until the shared go away, and then check
>1. that smbstatus still shows the user anna from that machine as a
>2. that the connection it does show from that machine is to the same PID
>   it was (maybe you are loosing your connection in the background)
>Perhaps this will give us some more info as to what's going on...
>Hope this helps,

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