how do I setup it?

Bill Moran wmoran at
Wed Oct 10 09:09:14 GMT 2001

On Wednesday 10 October 2001 03:29, Oles' Hnatkevych wrote:
> Hello samba,
>   Given: Samba 2.0.10, FreeBSD-4.4 (or whatever).
>   Needed:
>      File server. Many users. Every user has his
>      own directory. The owner can do whatever he
>      wants except deleting his directory completly.
>      Others can copy files to his directory, but
>      can not read them and delete them.

If you turned on the sticky bit for the directory, then
any file placed in it would inherit the user/group that
the directory belonged to.
Then you could make the default permissions something
like rwxr--r-- for newly created files. and the directory
permissions would be rwxrwxrwx
That way, anyone would be able to read/write to that directory,
but once a file was place there, it would belong to the owner
of that directory and have very restrictive permissions, so only
the owner of the directory would be able to edit/delete the file.

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