how do I setup it?

Oles' Hnatkevych gnut at
Wed Oct 10 01:28:04 GMT 2001

Hello samba,

  Given: Samba 2.0.10, FreeBSD-4.4 (or whatever).

     File server. Many users. Every user has his
     own directory. The owner can do whatever he
     wants except deleting his directory completly.
     Others can copy files to his directory, but
     can not read them and delete them.

     Playing with suid bits for directory, kernel
     option, masks, modes, inherit permissions
     I still could not find a way to setup it the
     way described above.

     Is it possible at all??? :) HOW DO I DO THIS?

     Thank you very much in advance for any hint.....

With best wishes, Oles' Hnatkevych,, gnut at

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