locking problems with samba 2.2.1a

Jim Morris Jim at Morris.net
Tue Oct 9 07:27:44 GMT 2001

cyroreal wrote:

> I am serving for the win98 clients a small DOS
> clipper program with a DBF database. The programs run
> well on the workstations when there is only one user
> using it, when another user try to use the same program
> it starts to get very slow. I think this is a lock
> problems or something like that, but I don't know how to
> solve the problem. Can someone help me with this?? Tanks
> very much for the help....

I think you are running into oplock issues with the Windows clients. 
Opportunistic locking allows the clients to cache the data file on the
client - and make cached writes to the dBase file as well. However, when
a second user opens the file, Samba has to go through a lot of gyrations
with the clients to break the oplocks - and many clients are slow to
respond to the oplock break request by Samba, resulting in a long delay
for the second client to even get access to open the dBase file.

I would try adding the following to the share definition in smb.conf for
the share that the dBase files reside on:

   veto oplock files = /*.dbf/*.DBF/*.mdx/*.MDX/

That will cover your most common dBase file extensions.  See if that
helps.  If you have any indexes in NDX files, add those to the list too,
and memo (.MMO) files if used...

Hope that helps you!

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