Protecting files - help?

Matt Claridge matt.claridge at
Tue Nov 27 05:08:03 GMT 2001


OK, I'm perplexed by this and I know it has to be possible, but having 
poured through the Samba docs and various Samba books, I can't find 
anything other than what I've tried....

I need to protect certain files within a users home directory, so they 
cannot be deleted. Some of these files need to be readable and writeable 
so I can't restrict it with Linux file permissions. Basically, the 
Windows profile data, Mozilla prefs and stuff like that, is all stored 
in a users home directory. They also use this directory for storing a 
few files (not much). I need to make sure that they don't delete 
anything that the system needs.

I can't use the 'hide files' option because the files and directories 
need to be seen by Windows and other programs.

I tried the 'veto files' and 'delete veto files = no' options - so if I 
place a vetoed file in, for example, it should protect the directory 
from being deleted. But it doesn't. The file itself is vetoed, it 
doesn't exist in Windows, but Samba still lets me delete the directory 
holding it.

So, anyone got any other ideas how I can accomplish this? I'd really 
like to leave the Linux permissions as they are, so if there's a way of 
making Samba do this, that would be good.

many thanks in advance,

Matthew Claridge
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