Win2K to Linux for File Serving

Bill Parker dogbert at
Sun Nov 18 14:00:11 GMT 2001

Hi All,

	We are thinking about moving 1/2 of our files served by
Win2K to Linux and Samba-2.2.2.  The machine in question will be
a 700Mhz machine with either 256/512MB running Caldera's OpenLinux
3.1 and the 2.4.x kernel system.

	What I would like to know is what type of HD should I put
in this beast, and since this will be a first test in here for
linux as a file server, I want few problems as possible (Linux
has proven itself in other areas in here), so I want recommendations
on things to maximize performance with minimum headaches.  Machines
which will be needing access to the linux machine will be win 98/NT
and Win2K if that helps (not counting myself ssh'ing in, etc).

	Any ideas?


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