Win2k and XP reconnecting problem

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Thu Nov 15 09:18:07 GMT 2001

Hi Gabriel,
This behavior is Microsoft's way of 'helping you'.
Basically, older win clients would (with the proper regedit hack) send your 
username/plaintext password over without any confirmation, so reconnects
worked fine.
Win2k/WinXP is coded to NEVER send a plaintext password accross the wire
without specific interactive confirmation by the user, even though the
plaintext password registry hack is in place.
What this means is that even though you have told winxp to allow plaintext
passwords, it will ALWAYS bring up the incorrect password screen and make
you type in the username/password again, even though what you will type in
is identical to what you used to logon in the first place.

The second part of your message puzzles me, though; if you change smb.conf
so that security=user, and encrypt passwords=yes, AND you add your user name
to /etc/passwd, AND you add you username to smbpasswd (smbpasswd -a
username), I would expect you to be able to reconnect to the drives without
this annoying 'revalidation'....
After you have done the above, try doing a net use /delete on each of the
connections in question, and then reconnect to them, so that you get a
connection without being asked for the username and password; perhaps the
persistent connection is caching the original username/password that was
used to make the persistent connection to begin with, and until you remove
and reuse the connection, it keeps using the 'blank' password that it must
use because of the unencrypted password setting that was in place when the
net use was originally done...
Hope this helps,

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Hi List,

I am new to this list but I'm using Samba since 4 or 5 years ago. Now I
upgraded to Samba 2.2.2 and I have a problem (wich I am sure that was
discussed on this list but I can't find the thread):

Linux Red Hat 7.1
Samba 2.2.2
I use test config:
  debug level = 100
  interfaces = eth0 eth2
  bind interfaces only = yes
  security = share
  comment = TEST1
  path = /tmp

  read only = no

  comment = TEST2
  path = /tmp

  read only = no


I don't use domains, only workgroup COMPASWG.
All clients are configured for plain text passwords and workgroup logon.
Win95, Win98, Win98SE machines connect to test shares ok, also at logon
reconnect ok.
But with Windows 2000 and Windows XP clients I have the
following problem:
Every time I logon, for every share mapped to a drive I get the message
"Incorrect password for \\Main\test[n]" and a password prompt. After I type
my password, the drive mapping goes ok. With the debug level = 100 and
#define DEBUG_PASSWORDS I find that Windows 2000 and Windows XP do transmit
empty password together the name, and that's why I get Incorrect password.

I must stress that from Windows 95 and 98, logon reconnection works ok. Also
reconnecting Windows 2000 or XP to a Win98 workstation at logon works ok,
without reconfirming the password for every share.

I tried with security=user and with encrypted passwords but nothing helps, I
must reconfirm my password for every share at every logon.

Can anybody help me to solve my problem? Thank you!

Gabriel Juncu

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