Win2k and XP reconnecting problem

Gabriel Juncu gjuncu at
Thu Nov 15 23:34:56 GMT 2001

Hi Don,

Thursday, November 15, 2001, 7:18:03 PM, you wrote:

MDHUe> Hi Gabriel,
MDHUe> This behavior is Microsoft's way of 'helping you'.
MDHUe> Basically, older win clients would (with the proper regedit hack) send your 
MDHUe> username/plaintext password over without any confirmation, so reconnects
MDHUe> worked fine.
MDHUe> Win2k/WinXP is coded to NEVER send a plaintext password accross the wire
MDHUe> without specific interactive confirmation by the user, even though the
MDHUe> plaintext password registry hack is in place.
MDHUe> What this means is that even though you have told winxp to allow plaintext
MDHUe> passwords, it will ALWAYS bring up the incorrect password screen and make
MDHUe> you type in the username/password again, even though what you will type in
MDHUe> is identical to what you used to logon in the first place.

MDHUe> The second part of your message puzzles me, though; if you change smb.conf
MDHUe> so that security=user, and encrypt passwords=yes, AND you add your user name
MDHUe> to /etc/passwd, AND you add you username to smbpasswd (smbpasswd -a
MDHUe> username), I would expect you to be able to reconnect to the drives without
MDHUe> this annoying 'revalidation'....
MDHUe> After you have done the above, try doing a net use /delete on each of the
MDHUe> connections in question, and then reconnect to them, so that you get a
MDHUe> connection without being asked for the username and password; perhaps the
MDHUe> persistent connection is caching the original username/password that was
MDHUe> used to make the persistent connection to begin with, and until you remove
MDHUe> and reuse the connection, it keeps using the 'blank' password that it must
MDHUe> use because of the unencrypted password setting that was in place when the
MDHUe> net use was originally done...
MDHUe> Hope this helps,
MDHUe> Don

You are right, with encrypted passwords it works ok! Probably I made a
mistake when I switched from plain text to encrypted passwords. I repeat the
whole procedure and now works.
Thank you for your help!

Best regards,

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