Appleshare IP 6.2 and smbfs

Urban Widmark urban at
Wed Nov 14 15:27:04 GMT 2001

On Wed, 14 Nov 2001, William Mulvihill wrote:

> Hi,
> 	I'm having trouble connecting to an Appleshare IP 6.2 Mac that is 
> doing SMB file sharing from my RedHat Linux 7.2 box.  I've looked and 

Linux can (could?) be configured to talk appletalk. Perhaps that is
easier (afpfs?)

> looked and looked at many things and many SMB clients.  I've tried 
> smbclient, smbmount, Sharity, and even just doing a mount -t smbfs.  All 
> of them come back with something of this form:
> Protocol Negotiation Failed
> SMB connection failed.

So what protocol does your apple talk ... (no I don't expect you to know
that). You could get a network trace from the linux box and send it to me,
and I'll have a look later. Something like:

tcpdump -w negotiate.trc -s 1600 port 139 &
smbmount //server/share /mnt/smb -o ...
[wait for failure]
kill %1

The last may depend on your shell, do what it takes to kill tcpdump.

Or you could look at the trace yourself and compare with the docs in the
"specs" directory of the samba download area (, find a

Please note: even if I can decode what is wrong with the negotiation,
there is nothing that says the rest of it will just work. Even if it works
with windows clients.

> 	I have tried using samba 2.2.1a, samba 2.2.2.  I have upgraded my 
> kernel from 2.4.9 to 2.4.13 in the hopes that some of the smbfs fixes in 
> 2.4.11 would help.  None of this has helped.  What is funny is that I 
> can use samba to connect to every other Windows shared directory.  Works 

That is because developers of the listed clients have had access to
windows machines doing SMB filesharing. For similar reasons smbfs, at
least, is a rather poor client to OS/2 servers.

> on whether this will work.  If I am asking the wrong person about this, 
> please let me know who I should direct my questions to.  Thanks.

This is the right list for samba related problems, so I'd say you've got 
the right one.


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