winbindd: wins, bcast and subnets and ways to get across those

Andreas Schuldei andreas at
Tue Nov 6 14:58:03 GMT 2001

I run two samba servers in a pure windows 2000 environment. I
have two subnets: A server subnet and a client subnet, and one
samba server stands in each one of them.

My windows admins tell me that they do not run a wins server or a
pdc-emulator on their machines. I run winbind successfully in the
server subnet but fail to do so in the client subnet.

the server subnet samba server finds the 'pdc' (or its win2k
equivalent) by broadcast.

The clienet subnet winbindd does not find a password server, even
if I specify it explicity in the smb.conf. it tries to do
broadcasts to find the PDC (to resolv the DOMAIN<0x1c>), but does
not get a reply and concludes the pdc must be down.

Can Samba use the ldap (activ directory) to find out about the
pdc or its win2k equivalent? I heard that was highly
experimental and not recommended for production? 

I tried to setup the server subnet samba as wins proxy in the
hope that the broadcast info would be transmitted as wins info.
but that does not work. what else could I do to get this to work?

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