2 qns: hosts allow/hosts deny

Storm Jumper stormjumper.delete.this. at myrealbox.delete.this.com
Sun Nov 4 09:15:17 GMT 2001

i read the man page for smb.conf,
but i couldn't figure this qn out.
(maybe i need to polish up on my english *grin*)

maybe the maintainers of the man page 
could clarify this points, esp qn 1,
since it's an extremely impt security issue?

1. when you use hosts allow,
does it require the use of an opp host deny?
eg. if i just have
    hosts allow = 192.168.1
does it mean that all other access is denied?
or do i need a corresponding
    hosts deny = all

2. i guess i can test this out myself,
but anyway, does
    hosts deny = all
the reason i ask is 'cos the man page says
localhost address will always be allowed access
unless specifically denied by a hosts deny option.
so does ALL include

thanks for any answers

my email address is stormjumper at myrealbox dot com
pls remove the unnecessary bits from the reply address
i apologise for the inconvenience

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