Users cant validate unless on admin line

Mitch Bruntel mbruntel at
Thu Mar 29 22:18:28 GMT 2001

Hi all:   Please accept my apology as a newbie to samba and the list.

 System background first:
 -Server = Mandrake-Linux 7.0, Kernel 2.2.14-15 (Distro Kernel), SAMBA 2.0.6
 -Workstation1 = Win95
 -Workstation2 = Win98
 -Workstation3 = Win98
 -Users and passwords entered in smbpasswd,  workstation logins = Unix
 user/password pair, users placed  in smbusers,  working smb.conf
 -Each workstation uses identical drive/share mappings and each can
 successfully connect and map to the SAMBA server. (even at the same time!)

Problem:  Unless (using SWAT).  UNLESS I put the following in the share
area, users do not have the authority to write to their share.

this works: (share info follows:)
 	    valid users = mooer
          admin users = mooer  ((
          write list = mooer
          invalid users = family

This DOESNT work:
 	    valid users = mooer
          admin users = mbruntel (me)
          write list = mooer
          invalid users = family

SO, essentially, unless I have each user's (home) share set that THEY are an
admin user, it doesn't work.

BTW, I am successfully using encryption, wins support, and successfully
using samba as the domain logon controller (I use NO NT [thank heavens...])

 <Mitch Bruntel>

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