unable to use swat

Chula, Stephen chulas at msoe.edu
Thu Mar 29 22:50:11 GMT 2001

I have recently compiled and install samba 2.0.7 on a Alpha server
running Tru64 5.1 .  I do have SWAT install ed as well and i have
modified both /etc/services and /etc/inetd.conf to include the configs
for swat.  I then point the browser at localhost:901 and it prompts for
a login.  I login in as root, and give the correct password, but it will
not authenticate me.  I can (via command line) add a user, using
smbpasswd, and if I go to the swat and log in as the user it works.  I
also tried creating a samba user, root, using smbpasswd.  But to no
avail.  what has to be done to the system to let root log in to the swat
config utility?

Stephen J Chula
chulas at msoe.edu

Assistant Unix Administrator 
Milwaukee School of Engineering

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