Intermittent lack of connection

Trent M. Gunnarson gunnarson at
Thu Mar 29 21:35:35 GMT 2001

Hello all,

System background first: 
-Server = Mandrake-Linux 7.2, Kernel 2.2.17 (Distro Kernel), SAMBA 2.0.7
-Workstation1 = Win95
-Workstation2 = Win2000 Pro
-Users and passwords entered in smbpasswd,  workstation logins = Unix 
user/password pair, IP/NetBios entered in lmhosts, users placed in smbusers, 
working smb.conf
-Each workstation uses identical drive/share mappings and each can 
successfully connect and map to the SAMBA server. 

Problem: When both computers try to connect to the SAMBA server, only 
occasionally will they successfully map the shares.  More often than not, one 
or the other will not be able to connect at all.  I've tried reading the 
docs, changing the smb.conf file, using SWAT, WEBMIN and configuring with vi 
and just when I think it's working well, I turn them both off for the night.  
The next day, I turn them both on and one of them won't map the shares.  I've 
tried waiting for one of them to finish booting before booting the other one 
and it seems to make no difference.  What am I doing wrong ? What can I do to 
fix the problem ?   The computers sit next to each other so my kids can work 

Thanks in advance for any assistance

Trent M. Gunnarson
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