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Wed Mar 21 21:08:35 GMT 2001

Joe Pfaltzgraff at PATAPSCO
03/21/2001 04:08 PM

Here is the situation:

/samba/users/personA/Phone.doc (0644)
/samba/public/Phone.doc (symlink to above file)

PersonB opens the Phone.doc in the public share with read-only access.  PersonA
wants to open the Phone.doc in their user area with full access in order to
modify the file.  However Word will only open the file read-only.  When I check
smbstatus, it shows that PersonB has the file open and the DenyMode =
DENY_WRITE.  Is there a a way to prevent personB from obtaining any lock on the
file, so personA can have full access to it?

 I've tried "fake oplocks" but it isn't an oplock that the person has on the

I thought that by having personB access the file through a symlink, samba would
lock it as a seperate file from the original file, But I guess that samba is too
smart for that.

Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Joe Pfaltzgraff

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