multiple LPD processes...

Paul Sanders sanders_p at
Wed Mar 21 21:43:54 GMT 2001


I'm running RHL 6.2 with Samba 2.2a3 and am getting multiple LPD daemons
running.  I can kill the LPDs and restart LPD - two processes show as running. 
I killed the procs and reinstalled LPD from the RH CD, restart LPD and there are
again two procs running as lpd.

I have set this server up as a backup for another that has no such problem. 
the printcap and smb.conf were ripped from the functioning box and server name
changed - that is the only difference.  Samba was obtained via cvs on Monday
within a few minutes of each other.

Is this one of those known issues with legacy lpd which will elicit calls for
me to upgrade to LPRng or am I a freak?

any and all input is welcome and appreciated.


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