Name Resolution Order Question (1.9.16p11)

Davis, Joseph Joseph.Davis at
Wed Mar 21 20:50:52 GMT 2001

I know this is an older version, but we're currently working on a project
that has encountered some broadcast storms and fingers have begun to point
to samba.  I don't believe this is the case, but I find my knowledge of the
resolution mechanism for nmbd to be sorely lacking.  I know later versions
than ours (1.9.16p11) included a "name resolution" parameter in smb.conf,
but I was wondering what the order is the hosts are determined, as well as
if it is different for election packets.  Our sniffer doesn't show anything
out of the ordinary, but I would like to provide some decent facts to back
up my hypothesis that it is something other than samba.  Any help would be

-joe davis

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