Notification for print jobs

Harald Husemann ich at
Wed Mar 21 18:27:10 GMT 2001

Hi all,

we're using SAMBA on a linux-machine (SUSE Linux, based on redhat) to
share our printers in a mixed network (win nt, win2k, linux,
solaris,...). Everything's fine, but our "Windows-Users" miss their old
Popup-Windows which notifies that their jobs are done. (Since we're
using some HP Laserjet Printers with HP JetDirect interfaces, these
notifications are just a fake in my opinion, because of the queueing
inside the printer, but they do want the "Popping windows", :-)...).
Okay, now the question:
Is there any possibility to set up SAMBA for sending such notifications,
when the job is done (i. e., is removed from the printers queue on the
server running the lpd)??

Thanks for reading, and best regards,

Harald Husemann
System Admin
Materna GmbH
44171 Dortmund

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