HELP!!! (going crazy)

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Hello Dawn,
if the ip address of the pc is on a different subnet than the ip address of
your server, you would see this sort of thing;
the pc is probably using netbios broadcast to resolve the hostname (MONSTER)
of your server ,and this will only work
on a local subnet.  Since you CAN ping the ipaddress, you at least have a
route to the server, so that's good.
The message you get in response to your net use command suggests a name
resolution issue.  Try editing the lmhosts file
on the pc so that it has a line in it for monster, with the appropriate ip
address, then try the net use command.  Or post your ip addresses (samba and
pc) and subnet masks here before you bother, so we can verify that this
might be the problem.  You might also want to post (sans comments) your
smb.conf file as well.
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I don't even know how to start this e-mail.  Okay, first I installed samba
2.0.7 directly from the SGI website.  It looked pretty good and I thought I
was on my way to an easy install.  I guess I should tell you my set up.  I
have a SGI Octane that has samba on it then I have one windows 98 PC
connected to it (they can ping each others IP addresses so I know the cable
and network cards are working).  I have set up samba to have a shared
directory of /usr/people/samba/swap.  My problem is I can't get my server
(MONSTER) to show up in the network neighborhood on the PC.  I thought it
was as simple as doing the C:\Windows>net use \\MONSTER\swap
<file://\\MONSTER\swap>  command on the PC but when I do that it give me an
error 53: wrong computer name or something similar to that.  I'm sure there
are several things I must not be doing and I'm sure I'm leaving out some
info in this e-mail someone trying to help will need.  But anyway, any help
that anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again,
Dawn Evans

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