Samba and OS/390

Hudock, Mike (CBC) Mike.Hudock at CapBlueCross.COM
Mon Mar 19 19:59:19 GMT 2001

We have OS/390 v2.8 running on the mainframe here and have been exploring
the possibilities of running our network printers via a print environment in
OS/390. One obstacle that we've encountered is that OS/390's SMB does not
provide for the automatic downloading of printer drivers to the
client(desktop). To us, this is a major showstopper in terms of ease of use
or matching the functionality currently provided by NT print servers.

I've heard that Samba 2.2 provides for the downloading of print drivers.

My question is: Would I be able to exploit the new functionality of Samba
2.2 with OS/390?

Thanks for your time & assistance.

Mike Hudock
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