HELP!!! (going crazy)

Dawn Evans DawnEvans at
Mon Mar 19 19:42:38 GMT 2001

I don't even know how to start this e-mail.  Okay, first I installed samba
2.0.7 directly from the SGI website.  It looked pretty good and I thought I
was on my way to an easy install.  I guess I should tell you my set up.  I
have a SGI Octane that has samba on it then I have one windows 98 PC
connected to it (they can ping each others IP addresses so I know the cable
and network cards are working).  I have set up samba to have a shared
directory of /usr/people/samba/swap.  My problem is I can't get my server
(MONSTER) to show up in the network neighborhood on the PC.  I thought it
was as simple as doing the C:\Windows>net use \\MONSTER\swap
<file://\\MONSTER\swap>  command on the PC but when I do that it give me an
error 53: wrong computer name or something similar to that.  I'm sure there
are several things I must not be doing and I'm sure I'm leaving out some
info in this e-mail someone trying to help will need.  But anyway, any help
that anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again,
Dawn Evans
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