MS SQL with Linux through Samba

Thomas Cameron tcameron at
Mon Mar 12 08:24:17 GMT 2001

Anyone else getting this every day, over and over?

On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, Sandra Louis wrote:

> Hello there,
> I would like to implement an LVS in my organization.  The topology is as
> follows:
> (i) On the highest level, there is a storage (possibly RAID5) which will
> store all my databases of images and important information. (LINUX)
> (ii) Under it, I will want to have a load-balancer and 2 servers (one as
> FOS) to handle the clients' requests. (LINUX)
> (iii) Below the 2 servers, I have to use a machine running the MS SQL
> engine. (WINDOWS)
> (iv) The lowest level will have the clients fetching and sending the
> information to the storage through the SQL engine.
> My question is, can I use samba to do the task in (iv)?  I'm afraid that
> the SQL engine used will not be able to be recognized and thus, the data
> may not be able to be fetched or sent correctly.  These are mission
> critical data.  The reason that I want to use Linux LVS is of course, it
> is reliable, stable and cost-effective.  But, I will still have to
> retain the MS SQL Server since the application used on the lowest level
> requires this.
> Pls help and thanks in advance for your time.
> Sincerely,
> Sandra

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