MS SQL with Linux through Samba

Sandra Louis sandra at
Mon Mar 12 07:56:03 GMT 2001

Hello there,

I would like to implement an LVS in my organization.  The topology is as 

(i) On the highest level, there is a storage (possibly RAID5) which will 
store all my databases of images and important information. (LINUX)

(ii) Under it, I will want to have a load-balancer and 2 servers (one as 
FOS) to handle the clients' requests. (LINUX)

(iii) Below the 2 servers, I have to use a machine running the MS SQL 
engine. (WINDOWS)

(iv) The lowest level will have the clients fetching and sending the 
information to the storage through the SQL engine.

My question is, can I use samba to do the task in (iv)?  I'm afraid that 
the SQL engine used will not be able to be recognized and thus, the data 
may not be able to be fetched or sent correctly.  These are mission 
critical data.  The reason that I want to use Linux LVS is of course, it 
is reliable, stable and cost-effective.  But, I will still have to 
retain the MS SQL Server since the application used on the lowest level 
requires this.

Pls help and thanks in advance for your time.


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