AW: Scripts by client OS

Frank Walther fw at
Mon Mar 12 09:39:21 GMT 2001

I use

net use | find "K:"
if errorlevel 1 goto K
if errorlevel 0 net use K: /delete > nul


>Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 16:36:30 -0800
>To: Michael Blinn <mblinn at>
>Cc: samba at
>Subject: Re: Scripts by client OS?
>From: Mike Fedyk <mikef at>

>On Fri, Mar 09, 2001 at 04:58:17PM -0500, Michael Blinn wrote:
> >> This command takes the usual substitutions.
>>   Is there a way to delineate between startup scripts by the client OS?
>> IE, Win95 boxes would run one startup script, Win98 boxes would run
>> another? I didn't see this in the docs but just in case..
>AFAIK, you have to have your script detect that itself.  Test for variables
>you see on win95, win98, (which should be the same), and NT.

>It's surprising that you can't check to see if a drive is there by:

>j: || net use .....

>but this works great on nt...  Maybe someone else knows a solution for dos
>7.x? (win9x)


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