Solution to my read problem 'Broken pipe' 'write_socket_data'

Lei Zhang lzhang at
Wed Mar 7 18:50:32 GMT 2001


Samba might be a victim in my case. I found similiar problem when I use
OpenAFS client: I can not write big file to the file server.
Fortunately, I did not dig into the source code of OpenAFS although the
log showed that the problem was 'file server was down(back up)'. All in
the box are so commonly used that I can not understand such bug or
problem, the only thing in my linux machine uncommon is the FA311 NIC
and its driver provided by NetGear. I viewed the code fa311.c and found
that the code was for kernel v2.0.36. though NetGear claimed it was
driver for rh 6.x. I did not try its beta driver for rh 7.0. There is
good driver for fa311 from I
made the module. There is no problem with SO_SNDBUF=8192 parameter, or
afs now.

Hopefully, that's the end of the story.:)


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