Peter de Groot pdgtech at
Wed Mar 7 19:16:42 GMT 2001

Concur ... 

I reckon that you need a bunch of how tos, that you can sent
these rude people.

I think that you are a victim of your own success.  Samba
has hit the mainstream, and now you are paying the price :-)

Still ........ I  prefer these messages to those
filled with hypertext ... or worse.... 2 Meg of mime
formatted drivel :-)

Has anybody thanked you recently for providing so much help
on this list ??

Notice the suck up for a windows browsing sniffer program :-P



> > I can't tell you how pissed off I am!!!
> [not directed at Carl in any way.  I've just seen (and responded) 
> to so many of these types of posts lately it seems]
> Why do people feel that posts like this will solicit 
> more help?  Sadly enough they invariably do, and we seem 
> to be re-inforcing this



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