Import of data

Urban Widmark urban at
Tue Mar 6 23:50:07 GMT 2001

On Tue, 6 Mar 2001, Ricker, Tony wrote:

> I need a few pointers for the import of data into Samba. Here is the set
> up... I will be getting the data from an NT box that is on the same network
> more or less (they are our PDC and WINS, we are the DNS). I was told that
> once Redhat and Samba was set up, it was a simple copy and paste. If I have
> learned anything, nothing in computers is simple. I have about 200 users

You simply don't notice the simple things. :)

Some things are less complicated. Copying the files from the NT box should
be ok. After you do you will have to fix permissions and such on the Samba
server, and that is probably going to be more work than getting the files

If you haven't used samba before and your users have ideas about having
access to each others files, do a few tests on how to set things up,
permission-wise. I'm no expert but there should be some docs and old
messages in the list archives.

We did something similar when we replaced a NT4 file server with a
Samba/Linux server. Copying the data took a while ...


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