RedHat 7.0 on Dell Poweredge 6300

Tony Melia Tony.Melia at
Tue Mar 6 22:22:33 GMT 2001

It really depends on the raid controller e.t.c.

The poweredge (if I remember correctly) has 2 * Adaptec 7890 controllers and
a 7860 (or 7880) which should be seen by a standard install disk.  If you
have a PERC or PERC2 raid controller, you may have problems, or need a
special boot disk.


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	I went to RedHats' page and found hardware requirements and it said
that the Dell Poweredge 6300 is a supported hardware. Then I went to and it does not list the machine. Before I look like a
buffoon, or continue to, Redhat will run on this machine, right? I
appreciate the help.

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