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Ricker, Tony Tony.Ricker at
Tue Mar 6 21:47:42 GMT 2001

I need a few pointers for the import of data into Samba. Here is the set
up... I will be getting the data from an NT box that is on the same network
more or less (they are our PDC and WINS, we are the DNS). I was told that
once Redhat and Samba was set up, it was a simple copy and paste. If I have
learned anything, nothing in computers is simple. I have about 200 users
private folders being imported to the Redhat box. They said I could have the
back up which is about 30 GB, they use NT Exec Backup and it is in .arc
format. I have come to learn that .arc is just that, archaic. Hence, the
copy and past set up. Any takers on this? Any and all suggestions /
damnations are accepted. 

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