Preloading WINS registrations

Mon Mar 5 13:14:25 GMT 2001


Thanks for the note.  That looks exactly right.  Not sure how I missed dns proxy and its implications, I've been Samba'ing for several years now and thought I'd seen most problems. The man page makes it pretty clear that this is what I need.  Time to RTFM again 8)

However, it doesn't explain how boxes "disappear" from nmbd.  The worst affendors seem to be smbd's and not NT boxen 8(

Jon Gerdes

>>> Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at> 03/03/01 02:15am >>>
> Can I get away with creating my own entries in the wins.dat file ?

Not sure, but your not the first to ask...

> Will nmbd use a host file or lmhosts in response to queries or does it just use the wins.dat which it maintains ?
> Bottom line - How can I ensure my WINS server will always respond to certain queries ?

The way I handle this is to use the 'dns proxy' option.  All my machines
are in DNS - and if then need to be found by name then the worst that
can happen is that nmbd does a dns lookup - finding the macine. 
(Unfortunetly this doesn't work for things like logon servers - but it
should do the job in your case).

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