CR - CR+LF automatic interpretation using smbmount

Tim Potter tpot at
Thu Jan 25 20:12:23 GMT 2001

Urban Widmark writes:

>               Programs that do computed lseeks won't like in-ker­
>               nel text conversion.  Several people have had their
>               data ruined by this translation. Beware!
> Using a manual conversion program or editors/programs that handle both
> CRLF and plain LF is a much better/safer solution.

Agreed.  This is basically why CRLF cannot be supported natively
in Samba - it's just too hard.  Samba would basically have to
keep track of every read/write/seek/stat and make sure the
correct length or size value is used for each of these calls.

Attempting to add this to Samba is made a little easier with the
VFS layer, but it's still a very difficult project.


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