2.0.7 logon problems

Chamath N Wijewardane cnw1 at Ra.MsState.Edu
Sun Jan 21 15:08:34 GMT 2001

  I need help bad, and fast :(  I've installed mandrake 7.2 at work (a
  sheriff's office/jail) and samba 2.0.7.  I have a 100mb switched
  network, and all my workstations run win98.  I have created my
  shares etc, and when I started bring on other client win98 m/c on
  the net I noticed an error basically saying that my password is
  incorrect or I have no acces to the doiman.  The password I'm using
  is correct since sometimes it does logon and work great.  Sometimes
  it acts like only 1 person can logon at a time to the samba server
  etc.  testparm runs fine... I then removed all my shares, but still
  get the same result.  I have used the smbstatus command and seen
  that sometimes it says that it can't creat an IPC area... I also see
  shared mem shm_mem (something like that) problems in the log.smb

  Anything that comes to mind, please let me know, I really nned to
  resolve this fast since I've moved data to the server that serves
  jail info...

  Please help

  Best Regards,
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